To dock a boat, attach the fender and dock lines, approach the dock slowly moving into the wind or current if possible, and step onto the dock after the boat stops. Tie the bow and stern dock lines to the dock cleats wit... More »

Customers can purchase used docks from, and, as of 2015. All of these retailers show photos of the available docks on their websites, and all advise interested buyers... More » Vehicles

Some good floating dock designs are straight, P-shaped and L-shaped designs. Other popular designs include T-shaped and U-shaped designs. Floating docks stay at a constant height above water which makes them ideal for de... More » Home & Garden Outdoor
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Types of additions for jet skis include waterproof boxes, dock lines, anchors, solar panels and bumpers. These additions help owners get more out of their jet skis. More »

Christening a boat traditionally involves breaking a bottle over the bow of a new boat as the boat's name is announced. According to Heartland Boating, champagne is traditionally the liquid of choice, and women tradition... More »

Before driving a boat, boaters need to go through a boat safety course and learn the rules of the water. Driving a boat is not like driving a car, even though there is a forward and reverse motion with a steering wheel, ... More »

A folding boat is a special type of watercraft that can be folded down to a smaller size to be transported easily. Generally the boats fit one to two people when expanded, and they can be transported easily in a car when... More »