Job descriptions for members of a board of directors may include duties such as advising the executive team of the company, developing strategies for overall growth of the organization, voting on major financial decision... More » Business & Finance Corporations

Though the specific details of the position may vary between entities and industries, the job description for a member of the board of directors for a nonprofit typically focuses on offering foresight and guidance to the... More » Business & Finance

Some duties of a board of directors for a nonprofit organization include hiring an executive director and providing oversight to ensure the organization is fulfilling its mission. The board is also responsible for evalua... More » Business & Finance
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Common guidelines for a board of directors include holding regular meetings to discuss the current state of the company over which it governs, working directly with members of the management team to offer guidance and de... More » Business & Finance Corporations

Job descriptions for managers typically include duties related to the planning and supervision of the daily operations in an organization. Specific duties vary considerably depending on the type of company, and may inclu... More »

Frequently asked questions about any given company's board of directors are how can one serve on the board of directors and what are the duties and responsibilities of the board. Composed of elected or appointed members,... More » Business & Finance Corporations

Job descriptions should be formatted to focus concisely on the job title, duties, competencies and skills, relationships and the salary. The job description should both describe the job and where it fits within the compa... More » Business & Finance Careers Applying & Interviewing