A Bluetooth transmitter is a small device that, when paired with a Bluetooth receiver, can establish a small wireless network that has a range of about 30 feet, called a piconet. This network allows a person to synchroni... More » Technology

Bluetooth transmitter adapters and dongles for televisions can be purchased online through electronics stores such as Best Buy, as well as from mass retailers such as Amazon. Online auction websites such as eBay also fea... More » Technology Television & Video

Bluetooth transmitters send and receive data via radio frequencies between the 2.4 and 2.485 GHz range. A device must be outfitted with Bluetooth technology to receive or send information with another Bluetooth-enabled d... More » Technology
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An auto keyless entry system has two components: a transmitter unit and a receiver unit. Both units work in the same radio frequency. When a driver pushes the button on his transmitter fob, the transmitter sends a specif... More » Technology

A Bluetooth receiver is a piece of machinery designed specifically for picking up a 2.4 GHz signal from compatible Bluetooth devices. Bluetooth is a proprietary wireless standard that is, as of 2015, often used by comput... More » Technology

To convert a stereo to include Bluetooth, connect a Bluetooth audio adapter or Bluetooth receiver to the stereo. These products are quick to set up and easy to use. More » Technology

According to, a differential pressure transmitter works by sensing the difference between two different ports and then producing a signal that corresponds to a certain range of calibrated pressures. Usually t... More » Technology