Garden Guides describes blueberry bush leaves as glossy, dark green with yellow accents on the veins that group in small groupings. During the fall the leaves may turn yellow or bright crimson. The edges of the leaves ar... More »

Blueberry bushes should be planted in the early spring, approximately six weeks before the last frost of the season is expected. The plant should be put into the soil at the same depth as it was in the nursery, usually a... More »

A blueberry tree is actually a bush on which blueberries grow. These bushes are referred to as trees because some varieties of the high bushes can grow as tall as 10 feet. More »

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Timing is everything when pruning a flowering almond bush, according to Garden Guides. Because the bush flowers on one-year-old canes, it is important to time pruning after the spring bloom, preferably in the early summe... More »

Crepe myrtle trees bloom for up to 120 days per year, according to Garden Guides. Blooms on the crepe myrtle come in a variety of colors, including purple, red, lavender, white and pink. More »

Colorado blue spruce can be fertilized when first planted or in early spring before the growth season, according to Garden Guides. Slow-release fertilizer should be sprinkled around the base of the tree, leaving a margin... More »

Begin the process of preparing a potted fig tree for winter by tapering off watering the tree about 2 weeks before the average date for a first frost, advises Garden Guides. Allow the tree to go through a couple of light... More »