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What is Blue Waffle Disease? The term waffles is a slang referring to a woman’s vagina. Similar to vaginitis, blue waffles is a vaginal infection, which leads to an inflammation and a blue discoloration of the vagina.


Blue waffle disease is a kind of sexually transmitted disease, which was first spread on the internet with highly contaminated and painful pictures of the vagina. Women are the primary patient who is being affected by the blue waffles. It makes their vagina Blue. 35+ important Blue waffles pictures are collected here.

www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=Blue waffle

Don't fucking look it up. It appears to be an STI/STD on and in the vaginal region. This disease/infection is fictional and overly exaggerated vaginal infection ().Images of the disease popped up on the internet on 03/18/10.


Blue Waffle is a fictional sexually transmitted infection (STI) that’s believed to both turn the vagina blue and disfigure it.It’s also said to originate from women who “get around” and/or their lack of hygiene. People say it only transmits from women to men. 😒


Blue waffles disease is an infection in vagina which is transmitted through sex. The name waffle is used to denote vagina and hence this disease is indicative of vaginal infection.Some of the common symptoms of this disease are vaginal swelling with patches of welts in and around vagina and on the opening of labia. There will be intense itching and burning sensation, marked by bad odor and red ...


Whatever the origins of the photo, "blue waffle disease" is a bit of fiction and not a known symptom or result of any type of STD-related infection.


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Blue waffles is considered a fairly new sexually transmitted disease. This particular disease is one that many people aren’t sure of at this point in time.


Blue Waffle is a bait-and-switch type shock image. Victims are told to search for an image of a blue waffle on Google’s Image Search, only to be surprised by a close-up shot of what appears to be a diseased vagina.


Have you ever heard about blue waffles disease? Well, if not, you are not alone. This is a relatively new medical condition, which has started in 2010 when images of a woman’s vagina with yeast infection having a bluish hue was circulated around the internet.