To create a flowchart, decide on the starting and ending points of one process. Then, map out each step in the process, indicating where decisions must be made and the outcome of those decisions. More » Math Data Graphs

The blood in human body flows from the heart to the arteries which branch into arterioles and then smaller capillaries, which then merge to form venules that merge into larger veins that carry blood back to the heart. Th... More » Science Human Anatomy Blood

One of the quickest ways to increase blood flow to the brain is short, intense periods of exercise that last between 10 and 40 minutes, according to the Boston Globe. The media outlet explains that a study published in M... More » Health Medical Ranges & Levels
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An embedded chart is a chart that is placed on a worksheet as opposed to on a separate chart sheet when using a spreadsheet software package. Embedded charts play an instrumental role in viewing or printing a chart or a ... More » Math Data Graphs

A physical data flow diagram is a model that shows the implementation of an information system that transports data from entry to exit. The purpose of this diagram is to display a visual reference during the system's des... More » Math Data Graphs

To make a tally chart, single lines are drawn next to one another until reaching five, where the fifth line crosses the four other lines diagonally. This is a simple charting method that can be used quickly for surveys o... More » Math Data Graphs

A matrix chart is a visual grouping of two, three or four types or categories of information. The matrix shows how each piece of information is connected to the others signified by arrows or lines connecting each group. More » Math Data Graphs