A flat blood blister under the skin is when a blood vessel ruptures and collects in tissues under the skin. The cause of a blood blister can be due to some injury that either pinches or squeezes the skin, states Foot Vit... More » Health Pain & Symptoms

Some melanomas in their earliest stages may resemble blood blisters and reveal themselves as such if they continue to grow rather than disappearing in a reasonable time frame, states Know Cancer. Patients should not wait... More » Health Conditions & Diseases Cancer

Blood blisters may form anywhere on the body, including the lips, due to small blood vessels becoming damaged, according to WebMD. Most blisters, including blood blisters, are easily treated at home or heal on their own. More » Health Conditions & Diseases Skin Conditions
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Some mite infestation symptoms found in humans include the appearance of a pimple-like rash and blisters on the skin and an intense itch, according to WebMD. The exact symptoms associated with mite infestations in humans... More » Health Pain & Symptoms

The shingles rash usually appears as a small band, strip or patch of red skin with blisters, states WebMD. The blisters contain a clear fluid, yet after three to four days, the fluid becomes cloudy. It is usually more pa... More » Health Pain & Symptoms

Blood blisters that keep showing up in the mouth are a possible symptom of mouth cancer. Most mouth cancers begin in the squamous cells that line the mouth. This type of cancer works into deeper tissues, often spreading ... More » Health Pain & Symptoms

Blood spots on the skin may result from petechiae, according to the Mayo Clinic. Damage to the blood vessels, also known as capillaries, leak blood within the skin and cause petechiae spots to form. Petechiae in the face... More » Health Pain & Symptoms