Blood alcohol charts can be found on several web sites concerned with drinking and driving issues, such as Be Responsible About Drinking,, and some department of motor vehicle sites. The blood alcohol lev... More » Health

As of 2015, over-the-counter breathalyzer test kits can measure blood alcohol concentration and are accurate in determining impairment. These test kits can be found at pharmacies, department stores, gas stations and onli... More » Health

There is no sugar in straight rum, although there may be added sugar in flavored rums or in rum-based liqueurs. The liver does not metabolize rum or other types of alcohol into sugar. More »

Be Responsible About Drinking publishes blood alcohol level charts on The organization's charts highlight the corresponding blood alcohol levels for a range of zero to 10 drinks, based on different body weigh... More » Health Medical Ranges & Levels

Blood alcohol levels reveal the amount of alcohol within the body relative to the amount of blood. For example, a blood alcohol level of 0.08 would reveal that for every 800 parts of blood in a person's body, there is on... More » Health

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