Blockbuster discontinued its DVD-by-mail rentals because consumer demand moved away from physical disc rentals in favor of a digital, on-demand form of video entertainment. DISH Network acquired Blockbuster in 2011, and ... More » Business & Finance Corporations

As of 2105, Blockbuster offers coupon deals that are available at This site hosts Blockbuster offers that include a 30-day trial to Blockbuster’s Total Access, unlimited rentals by mail, as well as unlimited... More »

Blockbuster On Demand is available on Roku, and it can be found on its Channel Store. The channel requires an account from Blockbuster On Demand, and individual movies are rented on a pay-per-view basis. More » Technology Television & Video

Blockbuster closed its last 300 stores on the weekend of January 11, 2014, including franchise locations in Ocala and Clermont, Florida. The video movie rental company began doing business in the late 1980s. Wayne Huizen... More » Business & Finance Corporations

Blockbuster closed its last company-owned video rental store in early January 2014. The company stopped its DVDS-by-mail service a month earlier. As of February 2015, Blockbuster exists as web-based movie-streaming servi... More » Business & Finance Corporations

The official Blockbuster website reports that about 50 franchise locations of the store remain open as of 2015. The company still operates multiple franchises in a few select states, including Texas, Oregon, Arkansas and... More » and DISH Network allow users to find and watch new movie releases provided by Blockbuster. In April 2011, DISH Network acquired the assets of Blockbuster through a bankruptcy auction. More » Art & Literature