Blockbuster Express kiosks were movie rental service devices that were intended to replace traditional Blockbuster stores. The kiosks were a massive failure and were removed entirely in 2012, followed by Blockbuster itse... More » Art & Literature

U.S. retailers that closed large numbers of stores or announced closures in 2014 include Office Depot and its affiliate Office Max, with 400 closures planned to take place in the lead up to 2016. Discount store Family Do... More » Business & Finance Corporations and DISH Network allow users to find and watch new movie releases provided by Blockbuster. In April 2011, DISH Network acquired the assets of Blockbuster through a bankruptcy auction. More » Art & Literature

As of 2015, the 2014 film "The Maze Runner" is available on iTunes and Amazon Instant Video, from Redbox kiosks, and to purchase on DVD or Blu-ray. It became available on DVD on Dec. 16, 2014. More » Art & Literature

Santikos Palladium IMAX theater in San Antonio, Texas, features D-Box motion control seats, AVX technology, restaurants, ticketing kiosks and stadium seating, as of 2015. The theater also features VIP auditoriums, assist... More » Art & Literature

Some features of the Edwards Ontario Palace Stadium 22 movie theater located in Ontario, California, include automated kiosks, a game room, wheelchair accessibility for moviegoers, stadium seating and digital projection.... More » Art & Literature

The movie "Dhoom 2" can be rented from many online movie rental stores including Netflix, the YRF Movies channel on YouTube or Amazon Instant Video. Rental fees for the movie range from $2.99 to $3.99 or can be purchased... More » Art & Literature