No, moths are not blind, nor do they have bad eyesight. Moths actually have two sets of eye chambers, making their vision better than that of many other insects. More » Pets & Animals Bugs Butterflies & Moths

Sharks have the ability to see, but they cannot see colors. Dolphins, whales and other aquatic animals are also color-blind. Marine animals' survival is not dependant on the ability to see color, but rather the ability t... More » Pets & Animals Marine Life Sharks

A blind ferret is a domesticated weasel that is unable to see. Ferrets have poor eyesight even when they are healthy, and they rely strongly upon their other senses, so determining whether a ferret is blind can be tricky... More » Pets & Animals Pets
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Adult moths do not eat cotton; the larvae of moths will chew through cotton but not synthetic materials There are many ways that moth holes in cotton clothing can be prevented. More » Pets & Animals Bugs Butterflies & Moths

Exterminate moths by using moth traps, laundering all clothing and fabric in the affected area, and washing drawers, cupboards and wardrobes. You can also contact a local professional pest removal service. More » Pets & Animals Bugs Butterflies & Moths

A few species of moths ingest plants that contain cardenolides, a group of poisons that affect the heart muscle and are dangerous to humans when eaten. Otherwise moths are harmless. Moths do not bite or sting, and they h... More » Pets & Animals Bugs Butterflies & Moths

Luna moths represent rebirth, renewal of body and spirit, regeneration and may even symbolize the soul itself. Luna moths, like many types of moths and butterflies, are quite beautiful in appearance and have docile perso... More » Pets & Animals Bugs Butterflies & Moths