No, moths are not blind, nor do they have bad eyesight. Moths actually have two sets of eye chambers, making their vision better than that of many other insects. More »

Sharks have the ability to see, but they cannot see colors. Dolphins, whales and other aquatic animals are also color-blind. Marine animals' survival is not dependant on the ability to see color, but rather the ability t... More »

None of the 1,100 bat species are blind. Most bats have eyesight that is just as good as humans. Bats are sensitive to changing light levels and see in color, just like humans. More » Pets & Animals Mammals Bats
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Luna moths represent rebirth, renewal of body and spirit, regeneration and may even symbolize the soul itself. Luna moths, like many types of moths and butterflies, are quite beautiful in appearance and have docile perso... More »

Most moths are nocturnal and prefer to fly around at night. These moths rest in an out-of-the way place during the day. There are some moths that are active during the day; they are known as diurnal moths. More »

Most moths live for 2 to 11 months. This period of time consists of the entire life span from the larval stage to the adult state. More »

Woolly worms turn into moths, not butterflies. The woolly worm is the larva of the Isabella tiger moth, a moth of medium size that has yellow-orange and cream-colored wings with black spots. It inhabits the entire United... More »