To get official pedigree papers for your dog, work through the American Kennel Club to be certain the papers are legal and accurate. Contact the AKC through their official website. If your dog is not registered, but elig... More »

While sites normally charge for blank forms or certificates, you can obtain a free pedigree chart that can be posted to a website. provides this free service, which take the details about a pet's paren... More » and offer blank pedigrees for dog owners to fill out. Pedigree Query also offers a message board and instructions on how to read pedigrees. More »

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Depending on the registration organization, registering a dog without papers includes buying a registration package, providing information about the dog, or submitting pedigree documentation. The Dog Registry of America,... More »

The American Kennel Club provides a list of recognized dog breeds, along with the history and distinguishing characteristics of the breed, at Another breed registry, the United Kennel Club, has its o... More »

The American Kennel Club recognizes only one breed of mastiff. In a broader sense, the term "mastiff" can refer to any large dog breed believed to have a common ancestor in the area between Albania and Greece. More »

As a well-known dog with a long and established history, the American Kennel Club first recognized the boxer in 1910 after the breed arrived to the United States from its native Germany. Due to their loyal and friendly n... More »