Unsweetened cranberry juice and vitamin C offer safe and effective treatment for bladder problems and urinary tract infections in women. A half-teaspoon of baking soda taken in a full glass of water may alleviate painful... More »

Symptoms of bladder problems include pain, urgent need to urinate, blood in the urine and strong-smelling urine, according to WebMD, Healthline and Mayo Clinic. Examples of bladder infections include interstitial cystiti... More »

Women get more bladder infections than men do, reports Mayo Clinic. Over half of women experience a bladder infection at least once in their lives, but bladder infections are rarely seen in men. A man's risk of getting a... More »

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Cranberry capsules are most often used for preventing urinary tract infections, according to WebMD. They are also taken by those with urinary incontinence to deodorize urine and as a treatment for neurogenic bladder, a b... More »

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