As of December 2015, you need a BlackBerry phone and BlackBerry ID to download apps from the BlackBerry World store. You can either browse and choose apps via the BlackBerry World webstore, or directly browse for, downlo... More » Technology Mobile

TuneIn Radio is available for download in the app stores of several platforms. To get it, go to the app store of your device, search for TuneIn Radio, download it and install it for free. More » Technology Mobile

The GasBuddy app's free features enable users to find the cheapest gas in their area. Users are able to see, on their phone, which gas stations are near them at a given time, and which ones have the lowest prices. The ap... More » Technology Mobile

A range of free flashlight applications are available from the BlackBerry World app store. As of May 2015, the Jared Company has a free flashlight app that is highly rated with a large number of downloads. More » Technology Mobile

Side-loading applications with the PlayBook App Manager is a process by which applications are directly loaded onto a BlackBerry Playbook tablet using a computer, bypassing the use of BlackBerry's official app store. Sid... More » Technology Mobile

To download free phone games, determine the operating system of your device, visit the corresponding application store, and search for a free game to download. Each game has a different file size, and some require a stab... More » Technology Mobile

OpenAppMkt is an app store alternative that allows the user to download apps to their iPhone without having to jailbreak the iPhone. Once installed, OpenAppMkt functions much like the Apple's App Store. More » Technology Mobile