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A black wolf is a melanistic colour variant of the gray wolf (Canis lupus). Black specimens are recorded among red wolves (Canis rufus), and these colour variants are probably still around today. Genetic research from the Stanford University School of Medicine and the University of California, Los Angeles revealed that wolves with black pelts owe their distinctive coloration to a mutation ...


To better understand the genetic underpinnings of black wolves, a team of scientists from Stanford University, UCLA, Sweden, Canada, and Italy recently assembled under the leadership of Stanford's Dr. Gregory Barsh; this group analyzed the DNA sequences of 150 wolves (about half of which were black) from Yellowstone National Park.


This is what happens when a wild wolf approaches a pet dog For those of you interested on how I make my videos, I primarily use Final Cut Pro X to edit my videos. I hire different researchers and ...


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The Black Wolf. Imagine that you're a scientist walking alone in a dark forest looking and searching for a majestic creature, a creature that symbolizes freedom and strength, but also one that ...


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