To plant tulips, deeply bury the bulbs in a sunny, well-drained location. Plant in the fall, and bury the bulbs immediately after purchasing them to prevent deterioration. More »

Tulip bulbs are generally planted prior to the start of cold weather. This dormancy period allows the root structure of the flower to grow. The bulb should be planted at least 8 inches deep, leaving at least 2 inches of ... More »

Tulips need cold weather to thrive. They should be planted in the fall, which allows roots to spread throughout the winter. Planting tulips takes about an hour because the soil must be prepared before the bulbs go in. To... More »

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When planting tulips, gardeners should choose high-quality bulbs and shop early in the season, selecting bulbs that are firm and free from mold, bruises or cuts. Gardeners should also avoid buying tulips based on color, ... More »

Protect tulip bulbs by minimizing storage time, selecting a cool, dry location to store the bulbs, and protecting the bulbs from freezing. Replant the bulbs at the appropriate time. More »

Tulip bulbs multiply on their own if the plants are maintained correctly during the growing season. Some gardeners choose to dig up their bulbs each year, but this method leaves multiplied bulbs in the ground for new gro... More »

Grow tulips by planting the bulbs, watering the flowers, adding compost every year, adding fertilizer, and deadheading faded flowers. You need well-drained soil, tulip bulbs, water, compost, liquid fertilizer and pruning... More »