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The best way to install corner guards for a refrigerator is by using a heavy-duty adhesive or screws, depending on the space. If using an adhesive, the corner guards should be left to set for a few minutes so the adhesive can dry.


Security guards have many responsibilities, but, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, a guard's overall goals are to protect a place of business and enforce its rules. The specific duties vary somewhat depending upon the employer's needs. There are several ways ...


The National Guard is one of the United States' most significant military reserve elements. It is called upon in times of hostility to supplement regular forces in multiple arms of service. In addition to acting in this capacity, National Guard units also fulfill state ...


Guard cells help a plant regulate the process of photosynthesis as its environment changes. They increase and decrease in size as needed to retain or release gases essential to cellular function.


In football, the nose guard is a defensive player who plays the middle position when there are three players on the defensive line. The position may also be called the nose tackle and is common in 3-4 defensive schemes.


Security guards are necessary primarily because they deter criminal activity, says the Houston Chronicle. Security guards monitor businesses and property and maintain a safe environment for the public.


Securitas, All Nation Security and Arrow Security are three companies offering the services of armored guards, as of 2015. Securitas has been in business for more than 150 years and does business on two continents, notes Securitas.com.