There are black orchids in existence, but they are very rare, according to the Online Flowers Guide. The destruction of their natural habitat is the reason for their rarity. More »

To care for an orchid flower, avoid excessive watering, and do not transfer it to a different pot while the orchid is blooming. Keep it in a warm area where it is not exposed to drafts or too much sunlight. More » Home & Garden Gardening & Landscapes Outdoor Plants & Flowers

Orchid flowers grow back very slowly, even under ideal conditions. Flower spikes develop with proper fertilization, light and water. The plant also needs cool night temperatures and proper pruning. More »

While self-proclaimed vampires exist throughout the world, science does not support the existence of vampires. Even those with vampire-like traits fail to prove that they are legitimate vampires. Some argue that vampires... More »

Scientists can confirm the existence of atoms using a technique called scanning tunneling microscopy. This is a procedure in which extremely sensitive equipment disturbs a sample at a microscopic level and detects the ch... More »

CAM plants include most succulents, such as cacti and agaves, as well as some orchids and bromeliads. CAM is an acronym for crassulacean acid metabolism, and it refers to a specific type of photosynthesis generally used ... More »

Examples of monocot seeds include garlic, onion, corn, wheat, asparagus, and orchids. Examples of dicot seeds include tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, beans, peas, clovers, apples and celery. More » Science Biology Botany