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Training activities for rescued German Shepherds include potty training, promoting obedience, minimizing barking, walking on leashes, showing restraint around guests and in vehicles, and ensuring safety around children. Professional trainers are helpful for some dogs, b...


Some German Shepherd rescue groups in Illinois include Central Illinois German Shepherd Dog Rescue, Chicagoland German Shepherd Rescue and German Shepherd Rescue Inc. Additional groups include Simply Shepherds and Shannon's Companions Collies, German Shepherds and Horse...


There are German Shepherd rescue shelters in Pennsylvania, such as the Save A Shepherd Rescue Alliance and the German Shepherd Rescue of Southeastern Pennsylvania.There are also local animal shelters that may have German Shepherds available for adoption despite not spec...


To adopt a German shepherd rescue dog in Ohio, start by locating an adoptable German shepherd in the state or region. Fill out the adoption application, and meet with the rescue group, and then pay the adoption fee, and take the dog home.


A red German shepherd is called a liver German shepherd. Liver German shepherds can be a reddish cinnamon color or a dark chocolate color. The liver color comes from a recessive gene that prevents black pigment from being formed.


German shepherds are good dogs for people who want a pet that is strong, athletic, active, an effective deterrent and intelligent. Breeding, training and condition of life before introducing a German shepherd into a home are characteristics that can change the dispositi...


German Shepherd dogs, as part of the canine family, eat standard dog food. These dogs are generally large and have high energy levels, so they need to eat more than smaller dogs.