Planning a good black family reunion means coming up with ideas for fun activities and events to accommodate both children and adults. Most black family reunions begin with a meet and greet, which gives the family the op... More » Holidays & Celebrations

Contacting family members to determine who is likely to attend and what dates will work for them, finding and reserving a location, choosing a menu and sending out invitations far enough in advance should all be included... More » Holidays & Celebrations

Tips for planning a successful family reunion include picking a location that accommodates everyone, setting a realistic budget and planning activities that family members of all ages and abilities can enjoy. Set a date ... More » Holidays & Celebrations
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Family reunion activity ideas include games, family history activities, talent shows and crafts. Game options range from physical activities such as tug-of-war and water balloon fights to calm games such as family trivia... More » Holidays & Celebrations

A good theme for a black family reunion is the history of the family. Among the activities that could be emphasized under this theme are family record exchanges, family history photo swapping and family trivia games. More » Holidays & Celebrations

Fun ideas for a 20-year high school reunion include creating a website or social media page for the event, asking attendees to bring a piece of memorabilia and preparing activities that allow guests to socialize. A photo... More » Holidays & Celebrations

People reunite as family, class members or even because they served in the military together. The steps below are for a family reunion, but they can be used for most types of reunions. More » Holidays & Celebrations