Named for the dark color of their centers, black-eyed Susans are popular flowers in North America. They bloom during the summer and fall months in gorgeous golden and yellow hues. They are territorial flowers, so avoid p... More »

Black-eyed Susans are hardy perennial wildflowers that grow in a wide variety of conditions. They are drought resistant and require little care. They can also self-seed from year to year or, like other perennials, be spl... More »

To plant black-eyed Susan seeds, choose a suitable location and prepare the soil. Next, sow the seeds and lightly water them. Plant black-eyed Susan seeds directly outdoors or indoors in pots or seed beds. More »

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To care for black-eyed Susans in the fall, remove the flowers heads, store some seeds, and remove any infected leaves. Compared to other plants, black-eyed Susans require minimal care in the fall. More »

Many flowers and plants, particularly perennials, bloom in September, according to Some include the michaelmas daisy, mums, the perennial sunflower, goldenrod and stonecrop. Bunches Flowers adds coxcomb, "endl... More »

To preserve flowers by drying, place clean buds in a commercial preservative, or use a mixture of Borax and cornmeal to remove moisture from the plants. A floral sealant can be used after the drying process is complete. ... More »

Grow winter pansies by purchasing pansies with established roots, planting them at the right time, planting them in a good location, mulching the flowers, fertilizing the flowers, and deadheading the plants. You need win... More »