Online images of eye injuries are available at Healthline and eMedicineHealth. Some common injuries to the eyes include trauma from foreign objects, black eyes, corneal abrasions, hyphema, orbital blowout and retinal det... More » Health Vision

The appearance of black floating objects in the eye are usually shadows cast on the retina, caused by clumping in the liquid within the eye, known as the vitreous humor. However, eye floaters could signify serious condit... More »

A black eye may take up to 14 days to disappear completely. A black eye is typically not indicative of a serious injury and, like any other bruise on the body, begins to fade after swelling has subsided. More »

Uncontrolled eye tremors, or nystagmus, may be caused by certain medications, head injuries, stroke, vitamin B12 deficiencies, inner ear disorders or diseases affecting the brain such as multiple sclerosis. According to ... More »

The main causes of cataracts in humans are injuries to the eye and aging, according to Mayo Clinic. Some people have genetic or medical conditions that make them more susceptible to cataracts. Diabetes is one disease tha... More » Health Vision

The main function of the eye is to convert light into electrochemical impulses that the brain can interpret as visual images. The various parts of the eye perform different functions that contribute to this purpose. More »

Communication between the eye and the brain in order to represent external stimuli as images is the key to human eyesight. The visible part of the eye is where the process of eyesight begins. More » Health Vision