Braided hairstyles for men include box braids, the long braid and sectioned braids. These styles are most often seen on textured hair but are sometimes worn by those with fine hair. More »

There are many websites that offer lots of photos of black braid hairstyles for women such as Stylish Eve, SloDive, The Glamourous Life and LoveToKnow. These sites show a variety of braid styles for women with long, medi... More »

Updos that are ideal for black braided hair include ponytails, pigtails and buns, as well as braiding the hair into thicker braids and wrapping them around the head. Black braided hair can also be styled into a mohawk or... More »

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To make Dookie braids, also called box braids, divide the hair into four sections, clip three of them, and fill the fourth section with tiny braids from the roots to the tips. Secure the braids with rubber bands, and rep... More »

From pompadours to the bangs of Betty Page, the 1950s introduced a new wave of hairstyles for men and woman alike. Thanks in large part to the iconic actors of the day and their signature hair statements, including Audre... More »

Some examples of Indian hairstyles include buns, plaits, braids, loose waves, curls, up-dos and half-up half-down styles. Each can be customized to fit the wearer's tastes and outfits. More »

There are many hairstyles featuring braids such as a French braid, a fishtail braid and a milkmaid braid. Braids are an easy way to create interesting and attractive hairstyles for any type or length of hair. More »