The book "Black Beauty" is an autobiographical story told from the perspective of Black Beauty: the main character who is a spirited stallion. "Black Beauty" tells the story of Black Beauty’s life in several phases, begi... More »

Anna Sewell's 1877 novel "Black Beauty" is an autobiographical memoir told by the horse who gives the book its name that starts with the horse's whimsical days as a young colt before moving on toward tough times hauling ... More »

"Black Beauty" is set in 19th-century England. The physical setting varies throughout the course of the book and Black Beauty's life, changing as the horse ages and is sold. More »

"Black Beauty" by Anna Sewell is the first-person story of the titular horse as he falls into the hands of numerous owners throughout his life, some caring and others cruel. The novel is unique as the first book written ... More »

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