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Some good thank you messages for birthday wishes include, "Thank you so much for the kind words on my birthday! You helped make it a very happy day!" Another example is, "Bless you for the wonderful feelings you gave me on my birthday. It was my most memorable one yet!"


What constitutes a nice birthday message depends on the recipient, but most people enjoy happy birthday messages with humor, personal sentiments or heartfelt well wishes. Before delivering a happy birthday message, a person should consider whose birthday it is as well a...


Messages for a birthday card include "Have fun, take pictures and enjoy your birthday" or an age-specific message, such as "Hope you have a memorable 30th birthday." Good message choices vary based on the relationship between the writer and the recipient.


Good birthday card messages range from the short and sweet, such as "Happy birthday" followed by the person's name, to the long and heartfelt, including fond memories or expressions of gratitude. It is a good idea to personalize the message to the recipient, regardless ...


A funny birthday message is a humorous quote, wish, greeting or saying someone delivers to a person on his birthday. One example of a funny, general birthday message is: "Happy birthday! Birthdays are nature's way of telling us to eat cake, so let's get to it!"


Birthday Messages.com is a website that has lists of birthday messages. The American Greetings website has a wide selection of birthday-themed e-cards. Blue Mountain is another company that provides an online selection of e-cards.


At ATMGreetings.com, you can send a wide range of mobile greetings, including birthday texts, at no charge. AmericanGreetings.com and Someecards.com also offer free animated birthday greetings you can send via text.