Some good birthday party locations for girls include local parks or recreation centers, art museums and clothing or accessory stores. These locations often feature party packages to help parents host events more easily. More » Holidays & Celebrations Birthdays Birthday Parties

Resources for birthday clip art include websites such as, and These websites offer royalty free clip art images for personal use, as of 2015. More » Holidays & Celebrations Birthdays

Fun and unique party ideas for a girl's birthday include parties based on the birthday girl's favorite books or movies and spa day parties complete with pampering. Candy-themed parties are a great idea for a birthday gir... More » Holidays & Celebrations Party Planning

An good 16th birthday party centers on what the guest of honor wants, from paintball parties to shopping extravaganzas to movie weekends to spa days. Keep the birthday guy or gal in mind when brainstorming ideas to ensur... More » Holidays & Celebrations Birthdays Birthday Parties

Examples of good places to host a kid's birthday party include pizza places, bowling alleys, video game arcades and zoos. Teenagers may prefer sleepovers, favorite restaurants or places such as local parks that can be re... More »

Depending on the age of the child and the party budget, there are a number of great places to hold a kid's birthday party. These include Build-A-Bear, an inflatable gym, a community pool or a neighborhood park. More » Holidays & Celebrations Birthdays Birthday Parties

Animal shelters, spas, arcades, horseback riding places, dance studios and laser tag places will all make fun and entertaining teenage birthday party venues. These venues are a way to take the birthday party out of the h... More »