Some games based on Dav Pilkey books include "Super Diaper Baby, the Game," "The Captain Underpants Bounce-O-Rama 2000" and "The Booger Buster 2000," which are available to play online through the author's official websi... More »

The "Ook and Gluk Jr." series of graphic novels is written by Dav Pilkey, who is also the author of the popular children's book series "The Adventures of Captain Underpants." Rather than attributing the books to himself,... More »

As of 2015, some "Captain Underpants" games include "Underpants vs. Blunderpants," "Romping Robot Power Punchout" and "Captain Underpants Fling-O-Rama." Visitors access all of the games from the Captain Underpants sectio... More »

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Some of the top rated wrestling games on, which boasts one of the largest game collections online, are "Nacho Libre: Ultimate Lucha Battle Game" and "Wrestling Legends." The "Nacho Libre" game is based on the movi... More »

Some online Barbie mermaid games include "Barbie Mermaid Princess Dress-Up Game" and "Barbie Mermaid Princess." These online games are free to play and only require a computer mouse for gameplay. More »

"My Perfect Wedding" and "DreamWedding: The Game" are wedding-planner simulation games. "My Perfect Wedding" is an Internet browser game, and "DreamWedding: The Game" is a mobile app and Facebook game. Both are free. More »