Lists of biodegradable materials present indexes of goods, equipment and substances that break down in nature. Most lists of biodegradable substances are available online through the websites of environmentally conscious... More »

A non-biodegradable material is one that does not break down or does not break down easily in the environment. These items collect over time and can pose a threat to the environment. More »

Biodegradable boxes and containers are usually composed of organic material such as paper and cardboard and bio-based or starch-based plastics derived from corn, soy, sugarcane or potatoes. Some inorganic materials have ... More » Science Environmental Science Sustainability

Primary pollutants are those substances directly emitted into the atmosphere that may cause harm to living organisms or upset the natural balance of nature. Examples of primary pollutants include carbon monoxide, sulfur ... More »

The items that make up the cost of goods sold are the materials, equipment and labor that go into creating the goods. Many marginal cost items affect the actual cost of producing and selling items. More »

The Republic of Nicaragua's major imports include petroleum products, raw materials, machinery and equipment, consumer goods and packaged medicines. About 17 percent of the top five imports of Nicaragua come from the Uni... More »

Water gets polluted when waste or toxic substances mix with bodies of water, such as lakes, reservoirs, streams or rivers. Common water pollutants include chemical waste, pesticides and gasoline. More »