A dull pain on the right side under the ribcage can indicate biliary colic, a condition that results when gallstones prevent bile from flowing normally from the gallbladder, explains Baylor Scott & White Health. Pain fro... More »

Pain in the abdomen or upper right side of the abdomen under the ribs, sometimes accompanied by nausea, vomiting and fever, can be a sign of gallstones, cholecystitis or biliary colic. To determine which of these illness... More »

Typical causes of gallbladder pain include gallstone sludge, inflammation of the surrounding tissues and blockage of the ducts by gallstones, according to MedicineNet. Conditions associated with gallbladder pain include ... More »

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Chronic pain on the right side of the body may indicate appendicitis or gallstones, according to Mayo Clinic. The pain of appendicitis begins on the lower right side and is often severe. It can also begin around the pati... More »

Possible causes of liver pain, or pain in the right side under the rib cage, include chronic hepatitis, liver abscess, fatty liver disease and liver cancer, according to Healthgrades. Conditions that put pressure or irri... More »

Pain on the left side below the ribcage may be caused by an enlarged spleen, according to Mayo Clinic. The pain may also radiate to the left shoulder and may be accompanied by easy bleeding, anemia, fatigue and a feeling... More »

One of the most common causes of sharp pain in the right side under the ribcage is gallbladder disease. Other causes may include kidney stones and constipation. More »