In order to qualify as "big wave" surfing, a surfer needs to tackle waves that are at least 20 feet high. Surfers who wish to surf big waves can either paddle out into the wave on a larger board or be towed in on a small... More » Health Fitness & Exercise

The Big Boss Rapid Wave Oven is available online through Amazon, Home Depot and Walmart. All three offer free shipping to homes. Home Depot and Walmart also transport this product free to a local store so the purchaser i... More » Home & Garden Appliances Ovens & Ranges

Waves break when the back of the wave moves faster than the front of the wave, causing it to spill over. The shape of a breaking wave is dictated by the shape of the ocean floor below it, with gentle slopes causing a gen... More »

As of 2013, the largest wave ever successfully surfed was a 100-foot wave ridden by professional surfer Garrett McNamara. McNamara caught this wave while big wave surfing in Nazaré, Portugal. Prior to this, McNamara had ... More » Health Fitness & Exercise

Yale Scientific explains that targeted weight loss is not considered possible according to studies in 1971 and 2007. However, losing weight shrinks the fat cells all over the body, resulting in slimmer ankles. More » Health Fitness & Exercise

Transverse waves have two parts: a crest, which is the highest point of the wave, and the trough, which is the lowest part of the wave. Longitudinal waves also have two parts: compression, which are areas of high molecul... More »

The difference between transverse and longitudinal waves is the direction the medium of the wave moves in relation to the direction of wave propagation. In transverse waves, the medium is displaced perpendicular to the d... More »