Big curls can be achieved through a carefully applied process of heat protection products, hair sprays and heated implements. There are several methods to use and the one that works best may vary. More » Beauty & Fashion Hair Hairstyles

It is possible to obtain big, loose curls in the hair if the only curling tool you have to work with is a small barrel curling iron. The technique used to curl the hair can be altered by using large sections to create bi... More »

To create loose curls, prepare the hair, apply hair-styling product, and dry with some wave and body in the hair. Divide the hair, curl large sections, spray with texturizing spray, and loosen the curls. More »

To straighten hair without a relaxer, preheat a flat iron, apply a heat protection product, clamp a section of hair between the plates of the flat iron, and repeatedly stroke the iron down the length of your hair. This 1... More » Beauty & Fashion Hair Hairstyles

Short hairstyles for fine hair include the short pixie cut, a Charlie's Angel cut, short curls and a bob. Layers and short bangs both look good with fine hair. More » Beauty & Fashion Hair Hairstyles

Long hair offers numerous styling choices, such as a standard ponytail, untied curls or a side part. Most styling options require some form of hair product and tools such as a blow dryer or curling iron. More » Beauty & Fashion Hair Hairstyles

Some hairstyles to wear with medium length hair include a middle part with finger curls and a long bob with loose layers. Other styles that look good at this length are a blunt cut with a deep side part and beachy waves ... More » Beauty & Fashion Hair Hairstyles