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The Bible offers numerous interpretations of dreams, varying from warnings or prophecy, to encouragement and direction from God. In the Old Testament, God used dreams to communicate with Kings and leaders through prophets. Though not frequently, dreams also appear in the New Testament.


Biblical dream interpretations include seeing snakes as demons or enemies of God, dreaming of a new room in one's home as embarking on a new phase in life, or alternatively, as a period of darkness and more, notes CBN. Biblical interpretations exist for many commonplace items encountered in daily li


Flying, being chased, and appearing naked in public are all common symbols that appear in dreams. Other common dream symbols include falling, death and being trapped.


The Biblical meaning of the name Aaron is "a teacher" or "mountain of strength." The name Isaiah means "the salvation of the Lord," while the name Jacob means "cheater" or "one who supplants, undermines."


The number six is typically associated with the creation of man (which occurs on the sixth day of creation), while seven indicates completeness or perfection because it is associated with the creation week. The number 10 is associated with the giving of the law, states About.com.


BibleStudy.org provides in-depth information about the specific patterns of 45 different numbers. Information on the discipline of Biblical numerology, which analyzes number patterns within the Bible, is located at Carm.org, including specific examples.


The most frequent symbols that appear in dreams - such as water, vehicles, death or snakes - highly depend on the dream's context and details for their meaning. For example, death generally represents change, and other people represent certain parts of ourselves. Therefore, if someone kills another


Falling is one of the most common dream symbols and signifies fears that exist in real life. A fall that causes injury stands as a warning of rough times ahead, and freely falling points to a relational disappointment.


The website Biblenumbersforlife.com provides a list of the biblical meanings of numbers that are categorized into particular themes, which are also numbered. The list was compiled by Mark H Lane.


Some websites, such as World-of-Lucid-Dreaming.com, have guides to interpreting symbols in a dream. Although what a symbol means can vary from person to person, dreams are messages from the unconscious mind that can be studied and analyzed.