A biblical allusion is a very quick or indirect reference to something in the Bible, such as a particular scripture, character or story. Examples could include comparing a modern place to somewhere in the Bible, like the... More »

A biblical allusion is a literary device that makes an indirect reference to the bible in a written work. An allusion can refer to a person, idea, place or thing. An example of a biblical allusion could be "the city had ... More » World View Religion Christianity

One example of a biblical allusion is the character Aslan in C.S. Lewis' "Chronicles of Narnia" series. He acts as a parallel to the biblical figure Jesus Christ in many ways, most notably in his sacrificial death and su... More » Art & Literature Literature
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Though likely inspired by scripture, the classic children's bedtime prayer that begins "Now I lay me..." does not appear in the Bible. Although its origins are uncertain, the prayer can be found in books from the 18th ce... More »

A chronological Bible timeline is a list of historical and biblical events, arranged in the sequence in which they occurred according to Christian scripture. The aim is to attribute events to specific historical years. S... More » World View Religion The Bible

The King James version of the Bible is the product of a translation of scripture commissioned by James I, King of England, in 1604. Completed in 1611, the King James version of the Bible was initially unpopular with memb... More »

The phrase "this too shall pass" is not found in the Bible, although it sounds like a helpful scripture. One reason why some people believe it is from the Bible is because it reinforces a pre-existing belief, and attribu... More »