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Some books that teach bible lessons to kids include “Off the Wall Bible Tales,” “Left Behind: The Kids Collection” and the “Believe Storybook.” These entertaining books engage kids while simultaneously instilling in them the values the Bible teaches.


Fun Bible lessons for kids include "The Great Flood," which teaches children about God's protection and the story of Noah and "The Angry Bee," which teaches the importance of obedience. Another lesson, "Abraham," tells the story of Abraham from the Bible.


Some good free bible school lessons include examining parts of the Bible that explain the religious view on speaking out against a preacher and an examination of a young life based on the way that Samuel started his own. Other lessons include understanding the nature of angels and God's structure.


In guitar lessons, kids learn how to read and form chord shapes, pluck different kinds of guitars and create simple memorable tunes. They are also taught how to handle the guitar and improve the dexterity of their fingers to build calluses on their fingertips.


Teach kids to read by teaching phonics, fluency and comprehension. Read to them, and read with them. This not only gives them the background knowledge needed to learn all of the components of reading, but it motivates them to learn to read on their own.


Many websites contain free Bible study course materials, including BackToTheBible.org and KJVHeartHelps.com. Others, such as BibleGateway.com, allow a user to study the Bible in a self-directed manner by offering Bible study tools from which a user can choose for each passage.


There are many Bible stories that can easily be turned into fun lessons for youth groups, such as David and Goliath and the Good Samaritan. The lessons help relate these Bible stories to the challenges of present-day youth, teaching them to use God's strength and be friendly to others.


DreamBox Learning and Time4Learning are two online math programs for young students. DreamBox Learning provides adaptive and individualized technology, standards-aligned material and 24/7 online access for students. Time4Learning features interactive activities, progress tracking, parental tools and


Some tips for teaching children the books of the Bible include to sing memorable songs with the children that use the books of the Bible and to play games with the children that involve the subject matter. Another tip for teaching children the books of the Bible is to break the books down into secti


Sandyn.com provides online recorder lessons for kids, written by elementary music teacher Dr. Sandra Nelson; 8Notes.com provides additional recorder songs for all levels. Nelson's lessons include learning finger positions, reading notes on the staff and learning to play short sample songs.