There are many Beth Moores; however one of the most well-known is an evangelist who is the founder of Living Proof Ministries. In addition to preaching, Moore is also a Bible teacher and author. More » World View Religion Christianity

Living Proof with Beth Moore simulcasts its life conferences through the LifeWay Christian Resources website. Individuals may register to watch the events from their computers for a fee, or church groups may buy a licens... More » Art & Literature

Beth Moore's son Michael was given back to his birth mother at the age of 11 after much prayer and contemplation. Even so, she still sees him regularly. After Moore and her husband Keith raised two daughters, they adopte... More » Family Adoption
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Beth Moore sells numerous daily devotional books and journals at her website, The number of daily devotions varies per book, ranging from 70 to 366. These books are also available at online shopping websites ... More » World View Religion Christianity

Some facts about Beth Moore’s personal testimony are that she is an author and a Bible teacher who overcame childhood abuse to develop into an effectual female conference speaker. She also founded Living Proof Ministries... More » World View Religion Christianity

To attend a Beth Moore Living Proof Live conference, go to to access a schedule of upcoming conferences and register for the conference of your choice. Attendees can register online or by phone for conferences... More » World View Religion Christianity

As of Dec. 15, 2014, evangelist Billy Graham has not died. He has had Parkinson's disease since 1992, and health ailments forced his retirement. He rarely leaves his house, and his wife, Ruth, died in 2007. More » World View Religion Christianity