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To cure Betta fish diseases, start by moving your fish to a different tank so you can treat the water in its old tank. If your Betta fish has ich, treat the water with a medicated ich guard. If your fish is suffering from a fungal infection, you can treat the water with Ampicillin or Tetracycline.


This article covers all the common diseases and illnesses of betta fish, their prevention, diagnosis and treatment. So if you keep the Siamese fighting fish at home, read on to learn how you can keep your aquatic pet healthy. Betta fish diseases and illnesses are categorized into fungal, parasitic and bacterial.


Velvet is a parasitic betta fish disease that causes a goldish-yellow or rust-like sprinkling of color on the betta’s body, gills, fins – or all three. It’s hard to diagnose and is best identified using a light source, like a flashlight, and shining it on the betta.


Betta fish, also referred to as Siamese fighting fish are commonly kept as pets within one's office or home. Within their 2-3 year lifespan, with a small handful living longer, as an owner you may notice that your Betta fish has fallen ill. If this is the case, the following complete guide on Betta fish illnesses and diseases from A-Z will help you pinpoint what is wrong with your Betta and .....


The first step in treating any Betta fish disease is to recognize when a Betta fish is sick, this can be particularly difficult due to the limited communication that Betta fish can provide to their owners. There are, however, behaviors that healthy Betta fish exhibit and the first sign of a potentially sick Betta fish is a change in these ...


Below is a list of common Betta fish diseases and their symptoms. It's important to note that all of these diseases are caused primarily by inadequate tank conditions. It's important to note that all of these diseases are caused primarily by inadequate tank conditions.


Want your betta fish to enjoy a long and healthy life? Then make sure to steer clear of betta fish diseases. Reason being they can be killers. Of course no matter how strikingly colored your betta splendens, or Siamese fighting fish are, they aren’t immune to getting sick. So for some avoiding disease is easier said than done.


Betta Fish can get sick easily but most betta fish diseases are curable. At the time of daily feeding, we should make it a habit to observe the bettas. Overtime, our eyes will get trained to recognize a sick betta fish. As a betta fish lover, it is necessary to be aware of the betta diseases and be prepared to medicate a sick betta.


Common Betta Fish Diseases – Identifying, Diagnosing and Treatment. As I alluded to before, there are numerous diseases your betta might contract during its lifetime. Here is a list of common ailments, how to identify them, and brief details on what you can do about them. Ammonia Poisoning


Diseases progresses rapidly and as the tissues are being eaten away, you might see the fins bones stick out (yuk). Once fins have been consumed, rot will proceed onto the body. At this stage the disease is hard to reverse although the betta might continue to live for months if treated properly.