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Blinds To Go has retail stores throughout the eastern United States and Canada. The corporate office for the United States is located in Paramus, New Jersey. The support center for Canada is located in Montreal, Quebec.


Clean faux wood blinds by dusting them regularly to keep them free of grime build-up. Select Blinds suggests doing a thorough cleaning using a mild detergent and water every four months, or at very least twice a year, to keep them looking their best. Because faux wood b...


The inability of the cone cells in the retina to correctly detect one or more of the red, green or blue light spectra is called color blindness, according to the American Academy of Opthamology. Lack of color distinction between red and green colors is the most common f...


Animals that are naturally blind include the star-nosed mole, blind cave fish, Texas blind salamander and Salem cave crayfish. Some of these animals, such as the mole, have eyes that don't function, while others don't have eyes at all.


Although many people believe that dogs only see in black and white, these animals are actually red-green colorblind. This means that dogs can see yellow and blue, but they cannot see red or green.


According to Colour Blind Awareness, girls can become colorblind if they inherit the colorblind gene from both their mother and father. It is rare for girls to become colorblind, and more men than women are colorblind around the world.


Cats are color-blind, experiencing a color blindness similar to what some humans have. Most colors are distinguishable, but distinguishing red and green is difficult due to a lack of specific cone photoreceptors in their eyes.