Grape vines grow on trellis wire systems on or off wooden posts. Three types of trellis wire systems are high cordon, umbrella kniffin and vertical shoot position systems. More »

Child support payment methods determine how to record payments. Payment methods include direct payments to custodial parents or legal guardians, payments made to child support agencies and voluntary or involuntary payrol... More »

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Grape vines can be pruned through multiple methods, and cane pruning is one of the most common. This method creates a permanent central trunk on established vines, and it takes about 20 minutes per plant. The process req... More »

Grow grape vines by choosing the right type of plant for your location, planting the vines in a good site, constructing a trellis, mulching the plants, fertilizing the plants and pruning the vines often. You need bare-ro... More »

Grape vines should be planted in the early spring when the soil becomes pliant and workable. Planting in the spring as early as possible gives the vines ample time to grow. More »

Growing trumpet vines from seeds requires only a few gardening tools, compost, water and a trellis or other structure to support the vines. Trumpet vines are hardy, fast-growing perennials that adapt easily to almost any... More »