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How to Iron Pants. Many of today's fabrics come in wrinkle-free varieties, but tried-and-true pant material such as wool, denim, and cotton still require ironing to get rid of creases and folds. To do this, use the correct heat setting on...


How to iron dress pants without making them all shiny looking. ... The best way to become a millionaire in five years or less 02 - Duration: 22:01. Tibor Horvath Recommended for you.


The best way to do something like this would be to also make use of something flat and heavy, like a phone book. ... There’s a reason people say “press” instead of “iron” for pants. Even ...


Iron the legs Fold the pants lengthwise to line up the legs, then lay pants on the board. Flip one leg up to iron the inside of the bottom leg, working in sections all the way to the crotch. Then flip pants over to iron the outside of that leg. Repeat this step on the other pant leg. Tip: To avoid a side crease, iron just out to (but not ...


The seat and front of the trousers don’t usually need pressing the way the crease does, but if you do want to press them be sure to turn the pockets inside-out before applying the iron. You can actually slip the pants over the ironing board (as if you were putting the pants onto the board instead of your legs) to keep the front and back ...


Always iron on the wrong side and iron the embroidered area first. Start with the heavier areas of the shirt or pants first (collars, cuffs, waistbands) and use a bit more water if necessary to get a smooth finish. Keep the iron moving constantly and smoothly to prevent scorching. Staying too long in one spot can bring a disaster.


I wash my linen pants in cold water then hang dry. Once dry, set iron to the linen setting. Smooth them and postition them on the ironing board. Iron each leg both sides. Linen, while awesome in summers wrinkles just mentioning them. Linen also sh...


Q. Is there a best way to iron pants? Lilly Garcia Katy, Texas A. Ironing often tops the list of most dreaded chores. However, if you follow a few easy tips, the task becomes much more manageable. First, make sure your iron is set to the appropriate temperature for the fiber content you will be ironing.


If there is a steam control on your iron, make sure it is set to automatic. If there is not a fabric dial on the iron, set it to high. Step 2 – Wash Your Pants. The best way to iron khakis is when they are fresh out of the dryer, but not fully dry. The heat from the dryer will help to loosen up the fibers in the pants.