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A turnip has a bite like a radish but more closely resembles a potato when it's cooked. Turnips can be sautéed, grilled, blanched, roasted, or even enjoyed raw. If you want to know how to cook them in a variety of ways, just follow these steps.


Learn how to cook a turnip with our helpful guide. Turnips are intimidating, but we'll show you how to select and prep, cook them up, and flavor ideas too! ... You have answered all my questions about becoming vegan and now my husband and I are about two-thirds of the way there."-- Patty Elliott, Silver Springs, Nevada ... turnips are BEST ...


Scottish Turnip and Potato Mash "We call this 'root mousse.' My family loves it, and it's the only way I eat turnips! We've been making this since my son made it in culinary school!" – Wendy Wiles. Delicious Baked Root Vegetables "This recipe is great! You can make it with any combination of veggies; I like to add butternut squash and turnips ...


A few of our favorite cleaning pros share some of their best tips for stubborn spots around the house. Read More How to Measure Your Bra Size ... Creamy Leek and Turnip Soup Cook thinly sliced leeks in butter in a large saucepan until soft. Add peeled and cut-up turnips and enough chicken broth to cover. Simmer until very tender.


Q: For the last few weeks my girlfriend and I have been receiving tons of turnips in our CSA share. Editor: Evan, ah the turnip problem! The last of the late winter vegetables, showing up in one big lump in the spring. Daikon, turnips, rutabagas… what are the best ways to use them up and enjoy ...


If you're cooking a chicken or a pork roast, simply add the turnips to the pan with it to roast alongside – the juices from the roast will flavor the turnips beautifully. Mix things up by roasting other root vegetables – potatoes, parsnips, and rutabagas are all goods choices.


Raw recipes are super healthy and don't require any cooking. Consider it the best of both worlds! Get the recipe at Maria Ushakova. 9 of 20. Turnip the Oven. ... Spicy Skillet Turnip Greens Recipes Add a kick to your super-healthy side dish! Get the recipe at Add a Pinch. SHOP SKILLETS. Next. 40 Pumpkin Soup Recipes for Fall ...


Our Best Tips For Making Boiled Turnips! ... When cooking older and larger turnips, they tend to be more bitter than their sweet smaller sisters. So it is best to cook them uncovered so the bitter gasses can escape. It may take longer to cook uncovered turnips. ... By the way, to make pureed turnips... When turnips (and potato, if using) are ...


Add enough salt to the cooking water to make it taste just noticeably salty (yes, you'll add salt at the end, but salt in the cooking water will help bring out the best flavor in the turnips themselves, and limit how much salt you add at the end, when it tends to make a dish taste more salty rather than seasoned).


We Southerners know our way around the kitchen. Read More 12 Trees that Will Ruin Your Yard ... How to Cook Turnip Greens The first step is washing the okra—a time-consuming task, but it’s well worth the trouble. ... It’s best to soak and rinse the leaves four to five times. The result is perfectly clean greens.