One of the best ways to clean a suede jacket is to rub the surface with a suede brush to bring up the nap, remove marks with a suede eraser and restoring the nap with a suede brush. It's important to check the item for a... More »

Cleaning Sperry Top-Sider shoes needs to be done with care as they are made of leather and need special attention. A number of products are necessary for cleaning a pair of Sperry Top-Siders the right way. More »

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Home remedies one may try include using a pencil eraser to remove dirt from suede shoes, buffing out stains with an emery board and raising flattened nap with a clean toothbrush or terrycloth towel. Steaming severely mat... More »

Wet suede can usually be fixed with the help of a few simple tools, including a dry cloth, suede eraser and a brush. While some serious stains may require professional care, the process of restoring most wet suede is rel... More »

Gently iron the suede with a steam iron set on warm, with a cotton cloth between the iron and the fabric. Another quick option is to hang the suede fabric in the bathroom while taking a shower. More »

To protect a lambskin leather jacket, apply a lambskin protectant before wearing it, clean stains with a dry, soft cloth and periodically condition the leather to prevent dryness and cracking. When storing the jacket, be... More »