The best way to clean a leather sofa is to remove all dust and soil from the surface of the leather with a vacuum cleaner, then apply a cleaning product with a soft cloth. A leather conditioner helps restore the material... More » Home & Garden Cleaning

Routine cleaning and application of a conditioner to your leather sofa ensures the longest life. Gather a vacuum, microfiber cloths, clean towels, white vinegar, distilled water and a leather conditioner. More » Home & Garden Cleaning

In order to clean a cream leather sofa, first vacuum it, then apply a solution to remove stains before washing it with soap and water. The length of time it will take will depend on how badly it is stained or marked. It ... More » Home & Garden Cleaning Stain Removal

To clean baseboards, begin by removing dust and debris with the brush attachment of a vacuum or a duster, then wash the boards using a sponge or cloth with warm water and dish soap or vinegar. For cracks, crevices and ot... More » Home & Garden Cleaning

To clean an Ultrasuede couch, run a lint brush over it, vacuum it and use a well-wrung cloth or sponge to remove dust and debris from the couch. Remove oil-based stains by removing the cover, placing it stain side-up ove... More »

To clean brushed aluminum, use a clean, soft cloth to remove dust from the surface. Next, spray it with a gentle household cleaning spray and wipe with a clean cloth or paper towel. To polish brushed aluminum, remove the... More »

Restore the shine to hardwood floors by removing dust or dirt using a vacuum or dust mop, cleaning the floor with a hardwood cleaner, and buffing the surface of the floor until it is dry. The amount of time needed to com... More »