There are a variety of different types of catfish that can be caught in United States waters, so factors to consider when trying to catch catfish include the current season, the body of water where the catfish are locate... More »

To catch fish with catfish rigs, prepare the right type of catfish rig, and then cast your bait to the spot on the water where you think fish may be swimming. Once a fish is on your hook, bring it back safely to the shor... More »

The best way to catch a squirrel is to use a baited, no-kill trap with whole peanuts as the bait. Whole peanuts with a bit of peanut butter seem to be the best choice for catching squirrels; however, other seeds and nut... More » Pets & Animals Mammals Rodents
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To catch walleyes, consult local organizations to determine where the fish are located, and use the appropriate bait for the season and water conditions. Using a depth-finder helps to identify the location of fish. Catch... More »

Catfish can be caught a variety of ways, such as with a line and hook, bait traps, and cast nets. Baiting hooks with live fish is effective for catching larger catfish, as they feed primarily on other fish. Oily fish suc... More »

To paddle a kayak, coil your body forward, dip the blade of the paddle into the water, push the water past you, and rotate your torso to the other side to start the next stroke. Before even starting, ensure you have the ... More »

The choice of bait to use when fishing in a lake or large pond depends on many factors, such as the type of fish being sought, weather conditions and the time of day. However, the best baits to use are often live baits s... More »