There are approximately 312 towns spread across the state of Massachusetts. Some of the most famous ones include Boston, Malden, Medford, Everett, Salem, Lowell, Scituate, Grafton, and Lynn. More » Geography United States

A survey done by the Boston Business Journal found that Weston is the wealthiest town in Massachusetts as of February 2015. This was found by averaging household incomes, net worth of individuals and prices of homes in t... More »

The Commonwealth of Massachusetts' Secretary of State's website has maps of the cities and towns in Massachusetts. The maps are located in the Citizen Information Service section of the website. More » Geography Maps & Cartography

According to the Secretary of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, there are 312 towns and 39 cities spread across 14 counties within the state of Massachusetts. The largest city by population is Boston, although the large... More »

There are several sites that have Texas maps with the towns listed, including MapQuest and Geology. The types of maps vary from static photos, to more interactive maps that include a zooming feature to increase the numbe... More » Geography United States

Anthony, Texas, and Anthony, New Mexico are neighboring towns separated by a state line, and these two towns together are known as the Leap Year Capital of the World. The town's own chamber of commerce assigned it this l... More » Geography United States

There are at least four towns in the United States that claim to be the "home" of white squirrels. These towns include Kenton, Tennessee; Olney, Illinois; Brevard, North Carolina; and Marionville, Missouri. These squirre... More » Geography United States