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Potting soil is available for purchase at local garden centers, at home-improvement stores such as Lowe's, and in the garden departments of major chain stores such as Target. Most retailers that carry potting soil offer multiple varieties.


The white material in commercial potting soil is perlite or vermiculite, substances that retain water and add texture to the soil to keep it from becoming compacted. Most commercial potting soil mixtures are made up of at least 25 percent perlite.


As of August 2014, at least 48 manufacturers produce potting soil in the United States, including Grab N' Grow, Bio Com, Compost USA, Blackjack Soil Company, Pine Products, Creekside Soils, Green Country Soil, Dr. Earth, Graco Fertilizer, Master Mix and United Agricultural Service. Potting soil is e


To care for potted roses in the winter, stop fertilizing and deadheading six weeks before winter, put the plants indoors, add moss to the container, tie a trash bag around the containers, and prune the roses. Winter care is easy and requires trash bags, pruners and moss.


The most reliable way to keep a dog from eating potting soil is to limit its access by placing the plants on high shelves or in areas the dog cannot access. If this is not feasible, try to make the potting soil taste bad by covering it with a substance the dog finds unappetizing, such as a bitter ap


Potting soil can grow mold if it receives too much water. Bagged potting soil with mold growth on it is due to the bag being unsealed and the soil exposed to moisture. Moldy potting soil in a pot results from over watering or high humidity.


Postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome is a disorder with the primary symptom of orthostatic intolerance, reports MedicineNet. After a person with POTS stands from a horizontal position, only a reduced amount of blood returns to the heart, creating a feeling of lightheadedness, rapid heartbeat an


All About Roses is a website dedicated to roses, billed as the site with "everything you need to know about roses." It hosts blog posts that are updated periodically. The website is located at AllAboutRoses.com.


Soil plays a key role in enabling many life processes through actions including serving as the grounds for food and biomass production, monitoring environmental interactions and exchanges, storing carbon and other essential gases and nutrients and supporting a wealth of biodiversity. In addition to


According to Boundless, soil is a mix of varying amounts of inorganic matter, organic matter, water and air. The components in soil provide nutrients for plant uptake and can fluctuate on a daily basis, depending on water supply, cultivation practices and soil type.