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The best diet snack foods feature a combination of protein and fiber, such as edamame, homemade smoothies, fruit and Greek yogurt, or hummus and vegetables. Each food helps stabilize blood sugar, fend off hunger and keep energy levels up between meals.


The best snacks for diabetics are those low in sugar with a low glycemic index to ensure hunger is curbed without raising blood sugar levels too high, according to Diabetes UK. These include snacks such as cereal, wholegrain bread, dried fruit and rice crackers.


Some healthy snacks include frozen yogurt pops, frozen grapes, roasted chickpeas, microwave popcorn and a combination of hummus, carrots and pita for an energizing snack. Other recommended snacks are shelled peanuts, Parmesan pita chips, Tamari almonds, whole-grain cere...


Some of the best high-protein snacks include eggs, Greek yogurt and nuts. WebMD explains that high-protein snacks may be the best option to curb your hunger by making you feel fuller longer.


Foods that provide a serving of fruits, vegetables, whole grains or fiber make an suitable snack for diabetics, notes the American Diabetes Association. It is necessary to control the portion size and to avoid foods high in added fats or sugar


Snacks such as a handful of almonds, a small apple and a banana with peanut butter provide nutrition to type 2 diabetics without the sugar jolts that other types of snacks can cause. Diabetics should count their permitted allocation of carbs before selecting their snack...


Some popular healthy snacks include whole wheat English muffins with peanut butter, nut mixes, light microwave popcorn and quesadillas. These foods tend to be high in vitamins and minerals and low in saturated fat.