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Sep 25, 2019 ... The bestselling natural deodorant at Target actually works and smells delightful ... It keeps me dry and comfortable all day! This deodorant feels ...


Jun 24, 2019 ... Natural deodorants are great if you're looking to stop using aluminum, and Native Deodorant is one of the most popular ones around.


Apr 29, 2020 ... Even if you do sweat a bit (which can be common with natural deodorants), Native's array of unique scents will keep your underarms smelling ...


May 19, 2019 ... Three Allure staffers tested out Native's custom deodorant scent option, ... about this is painful, but I'm doing so for the greater good.


Good NOT great deodorant but WAY overpriced! The scent is wonderful but it is no way near performing as well as you would think for $12!! If it was half the ...


Works great for me. I prefer Arm and Hammer. It is a nice change, but over priced. Smells like yummy coconut vanilla. Jessica.


Jul 7, 2021 ... AskMen Editors Choice Seal with Tom's of Maine, Native deodorant and by Humankind deodorant ... Best Smelling Natural Deodorant for Men.


So, deodorant will manage the smell of your sweat, while antiperspirants ... Native vs Lume vs Kopari — which natural deodorant subscription is best for you ...


My friend was raving about how amazing this natural deodorant was. "No sweat smell!" she said "and the scents are sooooo good!". She was so bl...Read more.


Coconut & Vanilla is the most popular scent from Native, and I can understand why. The fragrance is understated and unassuming—it has a ...


The Scent: Something for everyone. Native Deodorant comes in a slew of scents, so I took four of its classics for a spin: Coconut & Vanilla, ...