The Essick MA1201 is the top whole house humidifier in 2014, according to Consumer Reports. Amazon users rated this humidifier four out of five stars, as of 2015, and it is listed as a number one best seller in whole roo... More » Home & Garden Heating & Cooling

The best whole-house humidifier is the Essick Air MA1201, according to Consumer Search. This model is available from, as of 2015, and has received a rating of 3.9 stars out of 5 stars. More » Home & Garden Appliances

The Sweet Home features reviews of some of the best humidifiers of 2015, offering the Honeywell HCM-350 as its top choice. Sunpentown’s SU-9210 receives honors as runner-up, while the Sunpentown SPT SU-4010 Ultrasonic re... More » Home & Garden Heating & Cooling
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A whole house humidifier is a device that connects to the central air system and cools incoming air, forcing moisture to condense and drip into a drainage pan. The air then passes over a warm coil, heating it back up to ... More » Home & Garden Heating & Cooling

Turning on a humidifier in the bedroom at night and using saliva-friendly toothpaste and mouthwash just before bed are two ways to combat dry mouth while sleeping, according to the Mayo Clinic. Saliva is crucial for the ... More » Health Conditions & Diseases

To cure dry skin that is caused by winter weather, install a humidifier in the home and keep the temperature inside the house set to 68 degrees Fahrenheit. Dry skin that is caused by hot showers or baths is cured by bath... More » Beauty & Fashion Skin Care

To install a Air-O-Swiss Hydro Stick, first shut off power to the air washer or humidifier to prevent accidental electric shock. Remove the water tank from the base, and position the base so that the control panel faces ... More » Home & Garden Heating & Cooling