The best metal detectors for 2015 include the Fisher F4, the Garret Ace 250 and the Teknetics Delta 4000, according to Top Ten Reviews. These metal detectors win praise for their efficiency and ease of use. More » Hobbies & Games

An informative electronic display and pinpoint control are key features in a high-quality metal detector for coins. Pinpoint control allows the user to find the exact location of the target under the coil, making it much... More » Hobbies & Games Collecting Coins & Currency

Gold Digger metal detectors include features such as being designed for rough field conditions, utilizing the latest technology in metal detectors and having many styles to choose from. Gold Digger Metal Detectors lists ... More » Hobbies & Games
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People often use metal detectors to search beaches, parks and similar areas for lost items made of metal, such as coins or jewelry. The hobby typically involves scanning a specific area, sometimes removing surface debris... More » Hobbies & Games

Metal detectors work by sending and receiving electromagnetic fields. A search coil sends an electromagnetic field into the ground. That field energizes any metal object it contacts, then the object sends an electromagne... More » Hobbies & Games

Some tips for metal detecting include choosing the right metal detector for the job, acquiring the correct tools and starting out in the backyard for practice. These strategies can help novice metal detectors begin searc... More » Hobbies & Games

Some tips for metal detecting are to learn how properly to swing your metal detector and to learn how to dig up stuff you find. Properly swinging your metal detector ensures that you give the machine time to find desired... More » Hobbies & Games