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Raspberry bushes should be planted in early spring, although late winter may be a suitable time in warmer climates. Bare-root plants can be placed in the soil four to six weeks before the last frost. Plants that are started indoors should be transported once the danger of frost has past.


Transplant raspberry bushes by digging up raspberry canes in the spring before new growth occurs. Garden Guides recommends using a shovel, digging about 6 inches around the perimeter of each cane, loosening the soil without disturbing the plant's roots. Remove the plant from the ground and set it as


Grow raspberries by planting them in full sun, maintaining the soil at the right pH, preparing the soil with compost, watering the plants regularly, mulching the plants and pruning the plants. You need raspberry plants, compost, mulch, water and pruning shears.


Raspberries are the edible fruits produced by raspberry plants. Raspberry plants are a species of the genus Rubus of the large and varied Rose family.


Raspberry bushes should be pruned in the early spring or summer. A gardener should only prune a raspberry bush in the fall if he wants only a fall crop of berries.


Grow raspberry bushes by planting them in a location with well-drained soil and full sun, mulching the plants and watering them regularly. Prune the plants in the fall after the last harvest.


Plant raspberries by preparing the soil, planting the bushes 3 feet apart from each other, and tending to the crop regularly. This sets the plants up for a mature harvest that develops in the second growing season. Some raspberry varieties produce a small crop in the first season.


The little hairs on raspberries are left over from the plant's flower. The pistils, the female reproductive part of a plant, become the little hairs on the raspberry fruit. The hairs may have an added benefit of protecting the fruit against insect damage.


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A highly rated recipe for raspberry squares is raspberry crumble bars from the Food Network, which has a raspberry layer nestled between an oat-based crust and top layer. Another recipe, raspberry streusel bars, features a sugar cookie crust and a streusel top.